9 days Tour "Precordillera"
Arica - Codpa - Putre - Vilacabrani - Lauca N.P. - Chungará Lake - Salt lake Suriri - Colchane - St. Laura/Humberstone - Pica - Pisagua - Arica

We specially arranged this tour for those who want to spend more time in the beautiful area between Arica and Iquique. Without travelling thousands of kilometres, we have the opportunity to explore the Pre-Andes and the Altiplano with its great landscapes, the stunning nature and to observe the spectacular variety of wildlife. The first two days we discover the region of the Pre-Andes with its green valleys and climb up slowly higher and higher till we get to Putre on 3500 meters above sea level. To get our bodies used to the altitude, we stay in the surroundings of Putre and do there some walks. The next two days we will explore the Altiplano with its breathtaking sceneries. From the sixth day on the surroundings will change dramatically, when we leave the Andes and drive down to the Pampa del Tamarugal and the oasis of Pica. We will know this charming village and continue then to the little fisher port Pisagua, which invites us to get involved into Chilean History.

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Landscape arround Putre