5 days Tour "Atacama"
Arica - Azapa and Lluta valley - Pukara de Copaquilla - Socoroma - Putre - Lauca N.P. - Lake Chungará - Parinacota - Guallatiri - N.R. Las Vicuñas - salt lake Suriri - hot springs of Polloquere - Isluga N.P. - Giant of Atacama - St. Laura & Humberstone - Pica - Geoglyphs of Pintados - San Pedro de Atacama

This tour takes us to the highlights of the first and second region of Chile, through one of the driest deserts of the world, the well-known desert Atacama. We begin the tour at see level in Arica and end in the Andean mountains in San Pedro de Atacama. The trip goes up to the Altiplano, where we will know a totally new world, who is full of volcanoes, 6000m high mountains, a spectacular wide landscape, silence, salt lakes and a lot of different animals. We will also explore the old culture of the people who where living in this regions by visiting pre-Inca ruins and geoglyphs, museums and villages. We will learn more about the Chinchorro nation and their sepulchre cult and the Aymara, the now in the Altiplano living people; they are the testament to an old and vibrant culture.

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Ruins of Pukara de Quitor