7 days Trekking-Tour "Altiplano"
Arica - Socoroma - Putre - Villacabrani - Lauca N.P. - Lake Chungará - Lagoons of Cotacotani - Parinacota - Guani Guani - N.R. Las Vicuñas - salt lake Suriri - hot springs Polloquere - Arica

This Tour takes us from Arica at the coast up to the Altiplano situated over 4000 m above sea level. On a spectacular trip we cross the Atacama Desert, drive through green valleys up to the highland with its snow covered volcanoes, mountains and worldwide known salt lakes. The Lauca Nationalpark is one of the untouched regions in the northern part of Chile. Here you can experience nature in its original form with its animals, plants and the people who are living there. Every day we hike in a different part of the Nationalpark, where we explore unforgettable regions with its animals and plants. You don't need any high mountain experience, just a good condition to do the treks, which take between 4 and 8 hours. The accommodation out of Putre are very simple and without heating.
This tour is made with a local guide from Putre which speeks Spanish and a little bit of English.

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Top of Cerro Calajalata and in the back the Salt lake Suriri