4 days Tour "Isluga"
Arica - Socoroma - Putre - Lauca N.P. - Lake Chungará - Parinacota - Suriri salt lake - Isluga N.P. - Colchane - St. Laura/Humberstone - Iquique

This program is similar to the three days tour. We'll visit the Nationalpark Lauca and the Nacional Reserve Las Vicuñas with it's spectacular salt lake Suriri. In addition we continue our trip to Colchane and Iquique and visit on the way the Isluga Nationalpark. At the lagoons of Arabilla we will see one of the last forests with the Queñoa tree. Then on the way to Iquique we will visit well-preserved ghost towns like St. Laura and Humberstone, last witnesses to the great period in the 19th century when nitrate was the gold of the region.

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Cotacotani lagoons