2 days Tour "Chungará"
Arica - Putre - Lauca Nationalpark - Parinacota - Chungará Lake - Arica

This tour takes us from Arica at the coast up to the over 4000 m high Altiplano. A spectacular trip, which goes through the Atacama Desert, green valleys, up to the Altiplano with its snow-covered volcanoes, ragged mountains and the fascinating salt lakes. In the Lauca Nationalpark we'll see a diverse assortment animals, likely to include the vizcachas, ñandus, flamingos, vicuñas, guanacos, lamas and alpacas, desert foxes, different birds and ducks.

In the Altiplano lives the Aymara people who make their living, raising lamas and alpacas. They are the living testament to an old and vibrant culture. The archaeological museum and the ruins and churches of the zone will help us uncover the region's history.

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Guanacos near the village Socoroma